Cosplay Contest Judge: Magically Jenny Cosplay

Magically Jenny Cosplay is a talented cosplayer from Long Island, NY, with over six years of experience. With her boundless creativity and a touch of magic, she weaves spells of imagination into every cosplay she brings to life. As a versatile performer, Magically Jenny also embraces the role of a party princess, bringing magic to birthday parties, dinner shows, charity events, and more. Diving into the depths of the mermaid community, she is also known as Mermaid Raelyn, captivating all with her mermazing charm. Beyond the realms of cosplay and mermaids, Magically Jenny has immersed herself in the world of Dungeons and Dragons, both as a player and a Dungeon Master, for the past six years. Her boundless creativity and unwavering dedication have made her a cherished figure in the cosplay and entertainment communities, bringing joy, enchantment, and of course, magic, to every event she attends.

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