Emily Cramer *Sunday Only

Emily Cramer
Emily Cramer is a voice actor and singer based in New York City, with an established performance background as a broadway character actor. Her voiceover work can be heard internationally in commercials, animated television shows and movies, dark rides, audio dramas, and video games. Her most notable animation credits come from across the Pokémon franchise in Sun & Moon, Journeys, Paldean Winds, and Cat’s Kitchenthe Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise in Arc-V, VRAINS, Sevens, Duel Links, and Rush Duelas well as other titles such as Genshin Impact, Battle Game In 5 Seconds, EDF World Brothers, Bread Barbershop, Snack World, Back to Back, and Dinocore Evolution, and Bloom on season 8 of The Winx Club.