Mai Mukuno 

Mai Makuno

Mai Mukuno 

is a vocalist from Fukuoka, Japan. 

Inspired by her family’s musical legacy, including a pianist mother, a singer aunt, and a grandmother who performed traditional japanese music at Carnegie Hall, is driven to excel in the world of music. Performing her own original songs, she held concerts in Tokyo every three months while also showcasing her talent at various events. Of the two singles and two albums she has released to date, ‘Asiato’ stands out as her signature song and the single ‘Midnight Demon,’ released in 2021, is a haunting and evocative piece that captures the despair and chaos of the pandemic with its dark and unique sound. Since moving her base of operations to New York in 2022 and forming the anime song collaboration group ‘ANITAP’ with a tap dancer, she has been actively performing as an anime singer at Japan festivals and other events.

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Single “Midnight Demon”

Album “Ashiato”