Emily Bauer *Saturday Only

Emily Bauer

Emily Bauer is an award-winning voice actor best known as Dawn, Cynthia, Officer Jenny and dozens of Pokemon on “Pokémon”, now in its 23rd season. Other starring roles include Zuzu Boyle and Celina in “Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V,” Shinobu in “Ninja Nonsense”, Princess Lastelle in “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind”, and Megumi in “Ah! My Goddess”.  Emily made her animation debut as Christina Aguilera in the cult classic series “Celebrity Deathmatch” for MTV. In addition to her credits in animation and video games, Emily is an Audie nominated and Earphone award-winning audiobook narrator. Her recent favorites from among her over 400 titles include the iconic “Baby Sitters Club” series as well as the urban fantasy Incryptid series. Find Emily on IG at @ActingWithEmily