Voice Actors.

John Stimac

John Stimac is an American Voice Actor and Operatic Bass-Baritone best known for his impressive vocal diversity and his unique Bladed and Booming timbre. Established in New York City, John has been doing Voice Over and Live Radio Shows for HBO, A&E, Funimation, Crunchy Roll, and Resounding LIVE. He is also the owner of Quixotech Audio and Co-founder of Recording University, which provides construction and consultation of home recording studios and VO Educational Seminars and Classes for prospective and professional clients.

Eggplant Soldier
Anime Series 2016–2018

Attack on Titan
Anime Series 2022

Jennifer Silverman

Jen Silverman is an actress/voice actress who has been residing in NYC her whole life. She always knew she wanted to pursue something in the performing arts, and ultimately fell in love with Voice Acting, which was a natural fit for Jen. She loves the freedom and flexibility voice acting offers in order to play so many different types of characters and roles. Some of her specialties include young boy voices, comedic, inspirational, sultry, soothing, hypnotic, and goofy. Jen Silverman’s favorite roles to voice are in Anime and Visual novels, and she also can be found at conventions up and down the East Coast Cosplaying them!

Magic Mixies – Parlo (Tribe Audio)
Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens – Asana Mutsuba (Konami Cross Media)

Vertigo Games (ATF)- Blonde Girl (Voice)
Judgement Games – Eternal Champions (Ista Goddess)
Lilith Games – Rise of Kingdoms (Fong), (Joan of Arc)
Lilith Games – AFK Arena (Spoiled Girl)
Lilith Games – Dislyte Announcer

Mobile Games: 
Capcom & Nebula Joy – NDA
Marvel – NDA 
Tap4Fun – SeaBattle Pirate Game (Commander Anna 2021)
Tap4Fun – Bernie 
Tap4Fun- War Game (Anna)
Elephant Games – GT 21 (Corey Hicks, Claire Hicks); Evil Rapunzel
Lillith Games – Art of Conquest (Avril (Christmas Skin)

Video Games:
Softstar Ent- Richman 11 (XiaoMei)
Konami Cross Media – Yu-Gi-Oh! Rush Duel: Dawn of the Battle Royale! (Asana Mutsuba)
Konami Cross Media – Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links (Sora Perse)
Genshin Impact – Sudabeh, other NPC’s 

Indie Video Games:
Daydream Studios – Project Daydream – (Jethara,Nina)
Gin Studios- Killer Gin (Announcer (F) )
Static City Games – Chronicle (Tetraknight Aqua) 
BusArrowStudios – Angelic Waves (Ayame Kawasaki 2021), Necroswipe (Natalie) 
Project Kawasaki – Dear Mom: My Letter To You (Ayame Kawasaki)
Storysight Studios – Archmage Legacy (Delilah)
Mystery Object Game – Princess