Confirmed Vendors / Artists

Afrodite Arts - Booth B3

I make afrocentric and poc centered interpretations and recreations of popular anime and comic book characters such as Sailor Moon, Beast boy and sanrio characters. I also make original black fantasy characters such as mermaids and druids. I translate this into stickers, digital prints and keychains.

Alexa P Illustration - Booth C9

My work is orientated around fantasy fanart of anime, video games, shows, movies, and more pop culture media.

Anime Steins - Booth C2

I’m a ceramic artist making decorative beer steins and other ceramics incorporating anime themes and characters.

Anxious Anomaly Art - Booth B15

Sticker/ Print and Stationery artist.

ApandaArts - Booth B7

I make Terrariums, Art prints, pins, and keychains.

Art n' Stuff Studio - C19

Original art, paintings, prints, stickers, and jewelry made from recycled paint.

Champion Card Collector and Paintball - Booths C5, C6, C12

Champion Card & Paintball has been open for over 15 years. Almost 2 years ago Stephen and Greg purchased the business from the previous owner and transformed it into the store it is today.

Cloud Zero Collectibles - Booth A3

Drezarts - Booth C4

EcchiSketchesArt - Booth C8

My name is Noah, otherwise known as ecchisketchesart. I am a heavily obsessed anime fan with a passion for art; expressing this love through both digital drawings as well as cosplay. I only draw and cosplay characters that I absolutely adore; that way I am sure to put my all into its creation for all of you to enjoy!

Effable Goods - Booth B09

I make more on the side of fine art – some fashion art, some costume art, and some comic art. I’m going to try to focus more on comic art for this event.

Fall From Grace - Booth N/A

A mix of anime, manga, cartoon, pop-culture and all around nerdyness. I like to make stickers, buttons, pins, both canvas and glass paintings along with art prints. Im in the process of getting things to make tote bags and eventually plan to make apparel as well.

Funko Mike - Booth B16

I sell Funko pops.

Global Frequency Studios - Booth C18

At Global Frequency Studios, we provide a publishing network for creators who want to harness that power and are willing to hold themselves accountable when it is unleashed.

Gummy Gummy Shoppe - Booth B13

Harley Nox Cosplay - Booth A6

Your resident purveyor of all things nerdy and geeky.

Hawk Head Pins - Booths C22, C23

Just a small anime and animal pinmaker who likes to focus on niche series. While pins are my main merch, I also sell stickers, pillows, plush, and charms!

HER0-Arts - Booth C7

Comic book artist known for his mash-up art. Comic books, prints, shirts, stickers and commissions.

HKT Import Toys / - Booth B5, B6

Premier Importer of Japanese Toys and Collectibles.

Kit's Artistic Visions - Booth C14

Digital hand-drawn portraits of con attendees in their coplay. The style is cartoon / anime / splatoon. Also, may have stickers, keychains, etc of original characters.

Knicoarts - Booth B1

Yellow, I’m just a smol human bean trying to make art for the world to see.

Knives and Pens - Booth B8

Kryscraftz - Booth B23

We make crafty things…

Kurapixel - Booth A1

I draw vibrant fanart of series I love.

Lazy Catz Studio - Booth B20, B21

I do a combination of both original and fandom inspired designs. My current products are keychains, stickers, prints, buttons, pins, and earrings. I’m hoping to do journals (both manufactured and hand bound), self-printed t-shirts/bags/patches, as well as other resin types of crafts and cosplay prints. I primarily work digitally but also work with other mediums such as lino-cut prints, paint, and markers.

Level 01 Video Games - Booth C24

An indie retro/current gen game store that buys, sells, and trades everything from Atari to Xbox One. We also offer console and disc repair in store.

Lindearth - Booth C10

Cute, colorful, anime-style artwork of various games, anime, and cartoons.

Loam Media - Booth C11

A virtual artist with a person inside.

Magicalgirlgore - Booth D3

I make anime, videogame, tv show and original art in the style of prints, stickers, charms and buttons.

Mana Potion Coffee - Booth B24

We sell coffee, handmade dice, and art prints of our coffee labels.

MarsaOvO - Booth N/A

I’m a hobbyist artist who enjoys drawing animals and anthropomorphic art. I also make fursuits in my free time.

Megabrain Comics - Booth C13

Mike Koneful - Booth A10

“if Edward Gorey did Zap! Comix, what you’d get is Mike Koneful!” – William Laughlin, Comiczone.

Mini Moon Cosplay / Dark Moon Designs - Booth C16

I traditionally have made anime prints under the name Dark Moon Art Designs (@darkmoonartdesigns on Instagram), cosplay wig commissions under my cosplay name (@minimooncosplay on Instagram), and have begun to make resing jewelry, keychains, and other resin art (typically smaller affordable pieces) though I have not posted these on social media as of yet (mostly commission based in the past).

Mochiikoy - Booth B14

I sell large and mini prints of fanart (anime, video games, K-pop) and stickers.

Mynd Designs - Booth A11

My work includes a number of art prints and posters based around fan art of characters and worlds of anime, comics, movies and video games. My work includes digital and traditional printed posters, canvases, lenticular prints and 3d Printed figures and props, as well as many more.

Nightshade Studios - Booth C1

Fanart of videogames and anime, primarily prints and stickers

OnyxCreations - Booth A9

Custom Cups, Keychains, and more!

Outlaw Pagan - Booth B19

Handmade craft shop for nerdy cowgirl coven believers. 

Owlskulls - Booth D5

Artist-owned-and-operated since 2020, Owlskulls is an independent brand built on the central principle of being oneself, no matter how ‘weird’. Utilizing a variety of mediums, Owlskulls aims to provide uniquely-designed accessories such as stickers, pins, patches, and more for the alt-kid in everyone.
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Paoh Art - Booth C3

New York based artist and Licensed Art Therapist.

Phyllida Luna - Booth A7

Fanart of magical girls, monster girls, and yuri.

Prescribed Collectibles - Booth B11, B12

Collectibles store – Funko Pops, Anime Statues, FiGPiNs, Bandai Kits, Kawaii Items.

Radlab Art Studio - Booth B17

Richie Inkwell Art - Booth C17

Sage Bunny - Booth B10

We sell prints, stickers, and some handmade goods.

Sprimkle Shop - Booth B2

I make pop culture/kawaii inspired handmade resin jewelry, and trinkets as well as hand sewn scrunchies, bows and sweaters!

StoryCraft - Booth B18

Perler bead sprites, hand embroidery & pop-culture-inspired jewelry. Everything I sell is handmade by me.

Wilting Flower Company - Booth A8

Crocheted and hand-sewn soft toys and novelties, designed with neurodivergence in mind.

Yokohama Station Clothing - Booth B4

We make custom anime inspired clothing.