Cosplay Guests

MC/Host: GMX Cosplay

GMX cosplay is a local Hudson Valley community cosplayer. They started attending conventions way back in 2011 and began cosplaying since 2013. Since then he has worked on over 35 different cosplays from multiple fandoms while averaging attendance at around 15 conventions per year. He is also vocally advocates for inclusion of diverse and plus size cosplayers in the community. GMX Cosplay has also been a cosplay competition judge as well as a guest at 4 different conventions.
 “There is no wrong way to cosplay” – GMX Cosplay. 

Cosplay Judge: Duske2Dawne

A cosplayer and avid supporter of accessibility to all in the cosplay and convention world, Duske is excited to bring their cosplays to Sugoi Pop Con! They love the confidence and self-love that cosplay brings to them and others. They are an avid supporter of promoting acceptance of all types of cosplays, and helping anyone who wants to begin their cosplay journey or who wants to take their builds to the next level. Duske cosplays a variety of characters, and although nothing beats a casual cosplay, Duske particularly enjoys cosplaying on stilts, building large props, picking cosplays that include a pet, and utilizing their performance experiences in musical theater. They are excited to see your cosplay creations!

Cosplay Judge: Hailium Workshop

Jack can’t wait for Sugoi Pop Con! Jack began his cosplay journey with his spawn and has been cosplaying for a decade. An actual rocket scientist by trade and a foamsmith by heart, he spends his free time thinking about and crafting cosplays; his own and for commissions. He is an advocate of acceptance and equality in the cosplay and con community, and loves helping anyone who wants to get into cosplay, or challenge themselves further. He particularly enjoys building screen-accurate cosplays on stilts and large props and; from a 10-foot Iron Giant, to his more recent builds of the AxeMan from the Resident Evil movie franchise, and Gun Devil from the Chainsaw Man anime. Make sure to look up, say hi and grab a photo if you see him walking around the con.

Pronouns: he/him

Cosplay Judge: Ashleyisalot

“Ashleyisalot is an award winning cosplayer, gamer, and content creator in NY. She is best known for her video game based cosplays and loves bringing those characters to life. 

The Ashleyisalot name comes from years of being told she is “a lot” or “too much.” A trait she wants to empower others to be proud of. 

Ashley can be found on Instagram and TikTok at @Ashleyisalot.”

Cosplay Judge: Adrihime

Where there is a space for fans of RPGs and anime, there’s Adrihime. You’ll find her expressing her love for her favorite titles through cosplay, shining most in her work as a sewist. With the experience, knowledge, and patience that it takes to sew a whole outfit in a single sitting, she has the adaptability to think on her feet…ready in a pinch to mend a cosplay! Although she describes herself as an introvert, just one mention of a Falcom game will yield more dialogue than perhaps the entire script of Detective Conan. Her current side project is acting as Game Tester for a new metroidvania called Horde of Viscount on

Adrihime’s pronouns are she/her; she promotes a safe space for all cosplayers.

You can view her socials here:

The Metaphysicals

East Coast Goatei 13

Bleach cosplayers on the east coast.