Convention Info

Dates: June 2nd and 23rd, 2024

Saturday June 22nd: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Sunday June 23rd: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Location: Fishkill Recreation Center – 793 Route 52 Fishkill, NY 12524

Parking: On Site parking is limited, car pooling is encouraged. We are currently working on a shuttle option from a local sport field for overflow parking.

About: Enjoy a weekend of dealers, artists alley, panel, workshops, events, and food. Come join us and enjoy and explore a day with fellow fans of Anime, pop culture, gaming, and music.

Rules: Acceptance of membership (i.e. attending the convention) implies that the attendee (in the case of minors under the age of 18) has agreed to the rules of conduct. Acceptance of membership also implies consent to use of the attendees image or likeness in promotional purposes for SugoiPopCon

A parent or guardian must accompany any child under the age of 13

Treat each other with respect. We are all here to have a good time. This means no heckling, annoying, fighting, impeding others, or any general behavior that can be deemed disruptive to your fellow con-goers enjoyment. We reserve the right to revoke your attendee badge without refund for violation of this rule.

We are a safe space. When you  enter the confines of our con, you will be respectful to all others. Everyone can feel confident that they will not be judged, criticized, discriminated, harassed or threatened. We aim to provide a physically and emotionally safe environment for ANY person or group of people no matter race, religion, sexual orientation, ideology, etc. We reserve the right to revoke your attendee badge without refund for violation of this rule.

Be respectful to cosplayers. ALWAYS ask for permission before photographing. Individuals have the right to not be photographed if they do not want to. 

“Cosplay is not consent” – People dressed in cosplay is NOT an invitation to like, flirt or otherwise act however they want towards the cosplayer.

No cosplay will be permitted that is deemed to be too revealing or is simply underwear. Bodysuits are permitted.

Glomping (aggressive hugging, often without warning) Keep safety in mind and only do so with permission / consent of the Glompee.

No soliciting, unauthorized flyers, or advertisement  (Other events, cons, shows) will be permitted without prior show management consent

No loud music

No drugs (illegal) or alcohol or alcohol based products allowed

No smoking or vaping inside building

No skateboards, wheelies, roller blades.

Weapons / Props  policy:

All cosplay / prop weapons must be inspected and approved before bringing into the con. Any questionable weapon or prop will be determined on a case by case basis. The staff’s decision on  permitting or rejecting ANY weapon or prop  is FINAL.


No live steel! Objects made of metal, objects that can be sharpened, or objects that can hold an edge are prohibited. Sharp objects sheathed are also prohibited. Steel weapons such as chains, mace / bludgeon weapons, swinging metal objects are prohibited.

No Projectile weapons! Anything that can propel an object is prohibited. This includes but not limited to: Airsoft guns, BB guns, and water guns.

Martial arts weapons are not allowed. This includes but not limited to: shurikens, nunchakus, steel kunai, steel katana, steel knives, razors knives, etc.


Plastic / rubber prop weapons and weapons with non moveable parts are PERMITTED!

3D printed weapons, 3D printed props,  weapons made of paper, paper mache, cardboard, or cloth are PERMITTED

Wooden bokens, staff, shinai, sticks, wooden swords are PERMITTED

Although a weapon or prop may fit in the Permitted category, certain conditions may make them unsafe or prohibited. Examples of unsafe / dangerous conditions include props / weapons / items that may poke or trip others. A prop that makes excessive noise is may removed from the con.

Weapons handling

Permission to bring in your weapon or prop does not mean you can actually use it in a unsafe, dangerous or menacing manner! Swinging weapons in public areas or recreating fight scenes with swords are examples of unsafe behavior and will result in confiscation of the weapon. In these cases, although the weapon may have been deemed safe, the attendee is acting in an unsafe manner and their membership may be revoked without refund.