AmandaxVictoria - Booth B22

Heya! I love bright colors and fun artwork! If you love Jojo, Chainsaw Man, Kingdom Hearts, Vinland Saga, Miraculous Ladybug, Sonic, and more stop by and say hi!

ApandaArts - Booth B4

I make Terrariums, Art prints, pins, and keychains.

April Jubilees - Booth W4

NYC Based Illustrator who creates anime and motorsports inspired artwork.

Arcadian Expressions - Booth C8

I am Andriana and I am the owner for Arcadian Expressions. I handplace rhinestones on tumblers, glasses, cases, and mirrors! I also hand-tuft coasters and rugs!

Art of Charles Michael - Booth B14

As an artist who has embraced a lifelong passion for creativity, I have journeyed from early childhood explorations in art to mastering “Collaborative Impressionism,” a unique blend of traditional impressionism and comic book art style, enhanced by modern technology. My education in studio art and experiences in New York City and Florida have deeply influenced my work, which includes distinctive pearlescent postcards and holographic foil-dipped posters. Overcoming personal challenges, including undiagnosed Autism, ADHD, and depression, I have dedicated myself fully to art following the loss of my mother. Committed to making a difference, I support The Trevor Project through my art, offering original and exclusive pieces that stand out in both technique and impact.

Best Spuds / Dans Retro Retreat - Booth B16

I sell video games, toys and cards! Also promoting our wonderfully not funny YouTube channel Best Spuds

bunnysleepover - Booth B7

Bunnysleepover is a vtuber and screenprinter that creates cute and slightly ecchi art centered around early 2000s-2010s anime nostalgia/animecore, dolls, girl-centered media, vtubers, visual novels and original characters ♡

Cattenco - Booth W6

vibrant artist.
very experimental!
illustations, merch, and pattern design.

Cave Kricket Crafts - Booth C4

An eclectic collection of handmade beaded jewelry, traditional artwork, digital prints, and original music made by Katy Siebel of Cave Kricket Crafts and the band, Kat in the Cave.

CeruleanSeaCreations - Booth C10

Hi! I’m CeruleanSeaCreations a Pokémon artist. I run an online shop where I sell pins, keychains, stickers, tote bags and much more! I’ve had a passion for Pokemon since I was very small and over the past two years I’ve decided to draw Pokemon again. I realized that this is my true passion and I love to draw all Pokemon from the legendary’s to the shiny forms.

Clarinda's Ink

I’m freelance artist and oldtaku. Have adored and obsessed anime for many moons, but only began making fan art since 2016. I spent the last year and half traveling all over the country to sell my merch and fanning out with attendees!

Console Yourself Soap - Booth B13

Console Yourself Soap is a Brooklyn based, family run soaparie that specializes in videogame and popular culture themed items. All the soap is handmade and all the ingredients are personally sourced to give you the highest quality bath time with the highest quantity of fun! Life is short and every experience is precious. This soap is guaranteed to make bath time one of those precious experiences. Modern and unique soap for all ages.


Digital Artist from the Bronx who’s heart beats to the song of el coqui. Art is more than techniques and rules; it is a way of escape; expression and childhood happiness. No one should dictate what your art should look like. Enjoy the journey, break boundaries. (LR)

Debbie Ali - Booth B8

Debbie Ali is a sparkly artist from the Bronx, NYC. She creates handmade anime stickers, prints, zines, and special one of a kind pieces. Her work showcases queer, West Indian and Japanese cultural motifs with some shiny cuteness and a bit of spice!

Doughnut Doodles - Booth B21

Hi! I’m Liz, also known as Doughnut Doodles! If you like cartoons, video games and anime, then I’m your gal! I sell fanart featuring characters from all those genres, which includes prints, charms, buttons and wood pins. I look forward to meeting you!

Earring Jaeger - Booth B9

I make art and jewelry inspired by anime and other fantasy worlds and fandoms!

Figureheadz - Booth W14

Flying Fox and Goblin Cargo Collective - Booth C9

We are a pair of illustrators (Emma Cestare and Corey Nyhus) slinging wares that range from bright whimsical critters to occult horror entities. We love comics, zines, chaos, and drawing fun little guys.

Gendakiwi - Booth B19

Gendakiwi is my artist handle I’ve been using for the past 6 years. Art is my full time job – aside from the merchandise I sell through my online store, I also paint murals and design branding assets for small businesses on commission. I’m also currently working on a passion project called ‘Devil in My Heart’, a visual novel game that revolves around my original characters.

Global Frequency Studios - Booth C18

At Global Frequency Studios, we provide a publishing network for creators who want to harness that power and are willing to hold themselves accountable when it is unleashed.

GobinMode_ON - Booth W10

Good Day weary traveler! I am Valentina the Gobo and I present to you my wide selection wares. From art prints, pins, keychains and more choose what speaks to you. What ever your desires are, this hypermarket of gobos can help you find what you are looking for!


I like to draw cartoons. I like that you like that I draw cartoons. I sometimes dress up and go out to sell my artwork. And sometimes, you guys buy it… Cool, cool.

Marleni Gomez is a Latinx Freelance Illustrator who goes by @heyouwitheface online. She earned her BFA in Animation / Illustration in 2017 and was once a Graphic Designer for 9 years. Marleni has been working in TV Animation since 2019 and is currently a Prop Designer at Titmouse NYC on Disney’s Kiff. She also enjoys crafting and selling merch at conventions around the US! Marleni loves Halloween, weightlifting, Salsa music, Anime, tattoos, animals, social issues, and the environment. Marleni is bad at jokes but good at trivia, eats all her veggies, and has seen every episode of The Simpsons. She currently lives in NJ with her Beagle, Benny.

Hitman Jonesy - Booth C20

I sell both original art as well as fanart. My products include, but are not limited to: Prints, stickers, keychains, buttons, bookmarks, paintings, clay figures, and more! My original artwork focuses on OCs from an original comic I am working on, and the fanart includes characters from pop culture, such as anime, manga, and video games, that I really enjoy, and hope many others do as well!

HKT Import Toys / - Booths B5/B6

Premier Importer of Japanese Toys and Collectibles.

IlluminaArtz - Booth W3

Owner, Designer, Photographer

Hi everyone!! I’m Lumi~ I’m a cooleg (college) student focusing on illustration!! Please support me if you’d like, I’d appreciate it a lot <3 Hope y’all like my art!

irisjadeirises - Booth B19

irisjadeirises offers cute merch inspired by video games and anime in the form of trinkets, plushies and wearables like ita bags and jewelry!

Jeremy Kahn - Comic Colorist - Booth W2

I am a comic colorist who has done coloring work for a wide range of publishers with my current clients being American Mythology and Silverline Comics. For American Mythology I have worked on numerous licensed properties including classic IPs such as Casper the Friendly Ghost, Rocky and Bullwinkle, The Three Stooges, Zorro, as well as most recently Night of the Living Dead.
I am also the creator of the ongoing, anime inspired, comic series Alien Summer which is being distributed by Unicorn Comics (an all-ages imprint of United Comics).

Karitocrochets - Booth C23

My name is Karol Rubio. I have been crocheting for 16 years but started working with Amigurumi Stuffed Toys a year ago. My love for crocheting and knitting began at the age of 8. When I lived in Peru, my grandmother showed me how to knit my own scarves, and it progressed to blankets. By the time I was pregnant with my first daughter, I made her many baby blankets, booties, and even her first Halloween outfit, Toad the Mushroom from Nintendo. I have two daughters who would request toys or little bags, which led me to Amigurumi toys. Their big eyes and colorful yarn captivated me and made every child smile. I love it when a pattern comes together and when they are enjoyed by everyone. I love making Sanrio stuffies, Hello Kitty is my favorite. The bigger the toy, and the eyes, the more cute they are. Currently working on dragons and hoping to incorporate Pokemon characters too.

Kat Used Charm - Booth C3

Hello I’m Kat, I’m a Traditional & Digital Freelance Artist. I love drawing cute & colorful illustrations.

Knicoarts - Booth B1

Yellow, I’m just a smol human bean trying to make art for the world to see.

Lady D Creations - Booth C19

A stationary shop of both kinky & cute made by a humble peach!

Level 1 Video Games - Booth C24

An indie retro/current gen game store that buys, sells, and trades everything from Atari to Xbox One. We also offer console and disc repair in store.

Lindearth - Booth B23

Hi, my name is Lin! I’m an artist and streamer, specializing in cute and colorful artwork. Primarily selling posters and stickers from various games, cartoons, and anime!

Literary Leo Co - Booth B12

Book inspired goodies for readers with their heads in the stars…. We specialize in original artwork complete with stickers, pins, & keychains, handmade soy candles & melts inspired by your favorite fandoms, bookish gifts and so much more!

Magic Circle Collectibles - Booth W12

We are a small business that sells a wide variety of handmade figure snowglobes, anime mercy and more!

Magick & Macabre Co. - Booth B12

Magick & Macabre Co. started their small business journey in 2015 and has since provided over 7,000 pagans worldwide with magickal goods and services through their online stores. They’ve vended all over the east coast at festivals big and small and even had a small section of a shop located in Washington State for a period of time. Magick & Macabre Co. has had products featured in various publications throughout the years in spooky gift guides, news reports on gothic subculture, and our necklaces in photographs published by our friend Cat at c3photography! 

Our shop owner, Bee Reckless, has been making spooky art under her trade artist name since 2010 when she began performing her “photographic warfare” by creating dark and spooky atmospheric photography. In 2015 Magick & Macabre Co. became her new project but she occasionally takes us back to our original roots as an art project of love.

Maher The Artist - W5

Digital Art Illustration’s and 3D prints.

Mana Potion Coffee - Booth B24

We sell coffee, handmade dice, and art prints of our coffee labels.

Newtsdoodles - Booth C16

Newtsdoodles is a small art business based in New Jersey that creates cute and pretty designs and merchandise.

NonToxic NerdCulture featuring Art By Quinton - Booth B18

NonToxic NerdCulture x Art By Quinton is the company founded and operated by Quinton Thomas and Brian Semon aka The Chasedanger. They bring to you Artwork mashing up some of your favorite Anime with Pop Culture and films as well as Quinton’s original afrocentric artworks and a killer line of apparel dubbed NonToxic NerdCouture. Come check them out.

Otaku Bombs - Booth C15

Bath and body care to fit any anime aesthetic! I am a small veteran owned business with a passion for anime and bath bombs!

Otakyute Studio - Booth C14

Otakyute Studio sells cute goodies to express your obsession.

PE Illustrate - Booth C21

Hi, my name is PE Illustrate, I’m an illustrator, who draws anime and chibi-style characters!!

Phyllida Luna - Booth W8

Fanart of magical girls, monster girls, and yuri.

Pink Peony Art - Booth W7

The catalog consists of original sticker designs and fan art from popular series such as Genshin Impact, Sailor Moon, Haikyuu, and Pokémon. Come snag keychains, pins, bags, and stickers of your favorite character!

Pōfi Illustrations - Booth C12

Mother and Daughter artist duo! With a shared love of illustration and anime!

Pooka Dice - Booth W1

Click Clack Crafter, (Jack) of all Trades, Rocket Scientist and Builder of Big Things on Stilts @hailiumworkshop

Princess Crimson - Booth W9

A professional popculture artist that focuses on serving the video game and animation communities.

Schrödinger Customs - Booth W13

We’re a small 3D print shop that mainly focuses on cosplay prop production as well as fandom and table top related products.

Sciquatic Arts - Booth B15

My name is Fáelán! I am a queer, disabled artist from Upstate NY. I put my love of color into dramatic styles of both fan art, and nature art!

sciquatic.bigcartel com 


Seabunnyart - Booth C13

A caffeine powered artist with an ocean’s worth of ideas.

Sincerely, Alexandra - Booth B11

Inspired by classical artwork and techniques, Sincerely, Alexandra offers digital and traditional fanart and accessories from various anime and video games. Although the brand is fairly new (and only just started to appearing at artist alleys nationwide), Alex has been creating art since small, visiting museums and drawing inspiration from artwork everywhere!

SketchPadCreations - Booth B10

Semi-Realistic Pokémon and various anime characters.

Some Nerd’s Closet - Booth B3

I sell homemade pins, patches , keychains, zipper bags, coasters and air fresheners.

Sprimkle Shop - Booth B2

🌈Sprimkle Shop ☁️ Hi! My name is Molly Oriana, I’m the creator of Sprimkle Shop! I’ve been creating cute and colorful resin jewelry and trinkets for about 5 years now. My work is heavily inspired by the things I loved growing up a 90’s girl. My main goal in creating art is to bring happiness!

StoryCraft - Booth B20

StoryCraft offers an eclectic assortment of pop-culture-inspired items handmade by Lisa Story

Stunspore Studios - Booth C7

I am an artist from South Eastern Pennsylvania who sells high quality Pokémon, anime, and seasonal terrariums. I love creating whimsical scenes for my subjet matter that shows what there habitat would look like. I also create digital art and sell my work as stickers and prints.

The Floral Peach - Booth C17

Nerdy merch, comms, and more!

Truly Outrageous Jewels - Booth W15

I create horror and Halloween inspired jewelry and accessories!

Urban Undead - Booth C11

Rift and Rune are two totally-not-undead artists with a love for fantasy. They play way too much Dungeons and Dragons and have decided to make it everyone else’s problems through their art. Together, they make stickers, keychains, and the occasional pin inspired by their crippling dice addition.

Velomellow Booth - W11

Hi, I’m Velomellow, a digital NY based artist. I enjoy taking my digital work and making it into the 3d objects, , like scrunchies, cups and stationary and overall just spreading love for cute stationary.

Woopah Art - Booth B17

I make anime-inspired prints, keychains, paintings, and clay figures.

YUGAN.999 - Booth C1

I am a freelance artist that uses traditional mediums (watercolor, ink, and acrylics) to make art and prints.