Japanese Festival Games

Yo-yo fishing (ヨーヨー釣り, yo-yo tsuri) or yo-yo tsuri in Japanese, is a game where you fish a “yo-yo” using a string made of paper with a hook attached to its end. The yo-yos are water balloons, half filled with water and air. They have an attached rubber string with a loops at the end. Hence they can be bounced like a yo-yo. The balloons are won in a game where they are floated in a tub of water and they must be carefully hooked and lifted out to win. The water in the yo-yos add weight and the fishing hooks are made of tissue paper. The paper strings deteriorate when wet so in order to win you must skillfully fish the yo-yos quickly and carefully.

Super ball scooping (スーパーボールすくい, super ball sukui) or called as super ball sukui in Japanese, is a game where you scoop a super balls (among other objects, ie rubber duckies, plastic fish etc) floating in a pool with a paper scooper called a “poi”. The poi consists of a round plastic frame with a handle and the covering for the frame is the poi paper. The paper easily breaks when it is when so the players must be careful not to move too quickly and break the paper. Players carefully scoop the super balls (and other objects) into a bowl. The game is over when the paper is completely broken and is no longer able to scoop properly. There is a Maximum limit of 3 items that could be won per play.

Ramune Ring Toss – Win an Iced cold bottle of ramune! Rules at the event.