Larry Hama – Legendary comic creator/writer.

Lifetime Achievement Eisner Award winner Larry Hama will be joining SugoiPopCon this August. Hama is possibly best known for his groundbreaking and influential run on G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero which has defined action adventure comics still to this day. He also wrote Marvel’s Wolverine for 80+ issues which defined the character.

Larry Hama born and raised in NYC grew up learning Judo, Archery, and Swordsmanship before selling his first piece of work at only 16 years old! Eventually Larry went on to join the Army and serve in Vietnam, his life experiences influenced his writing and editing style to provide a gritty realism that was rarely seen beforehand.

*Pop Culture Trivia: Larry Hama appeared on both M.A.S.H. and Saturday Night Live.

Some of the Characters/Books Written by Hama:
The Avengers                    Batman
Conan                                 Daredevil
GI:Joe                                 IronFist
Nth Man                             Spider-Man
Wolverine                           Venom
The X-Men