Adult Cosplay Contest Rules

Sugoi Pop Con Adult Cosplay Contest Rules & Guidelines

Sugoi Pop Con loves cosplay! Have you spent hours upon hours making the perfect and most
accurate costume possible? Do you possess an incredible attention to detail and apply that to
each and every costume? Do you love presenting on stage in front of a crowd? Then the
Cosplay Contest is for you! This is a chance for you to show off your amazing costume!
Contestants will be judged in the following criteria: Workmanship, Overall Appearance,
Originality, and Stage Presence.

Official Rules:

  •  The Adult Cosplay Contest will be Saturday June 22, 2024, at 5:00 pm EST.
  • Contestants will be asked to sign up at Duske2Dawne’s cosplay table before 4:00 pm on
  • The contest will be capped at 20 contestants.
  • There will be no online sign-ups or pre-judging.
  • You must have a Saturday/Weekend ticket to participate.
  • There will be 4 judges awards, and a winner for each division.
  • There will be 2 divisions: Beginner and Advanced.
    ○ The Beginner division is intended for those who are new to both costuming and
    competitions. Even if this is your first competition, you may still be placed into
    Advanced based on the quality of your cosplay.
    ○ The Advanced division is for those who have experience costuming and competing;
    regardless if you have placed in another competition.
  • Prizes will consist of merchandise (examples might be artwork, books and statues), and
    passes to other cons.
  • Entrants must be onsite, in cosplay, and ready to go at least 15 minutes before the
  • Costume Composition:
    ○ Store-bought costumes are NOT PERMITTED! Your costume needs to be made or
    modified by you.
    ○ Modifications will be carefully assessed by our judges and must be at least 50%
    modified from the original piece. This applies to all aspects of your costume.
    ○ Our judges may ask you to verify that your costume is an original construction or to
    confirm an acceptable amount of modifications have been made to pre-existing
    ○ While we do allow for a few minor pre-made, pre-purchased items, we are looking for
    craftsmanship and creativity.
    ○ Make sure to give credit to your fellow costumer(s) who assisted you during the
    construction of your entry. Any assistance can only be up to 30% assistance, for
    example, you may have purchased a 3D printed prop as opposed to modeling and
    printing it yourself, but you may have finished the piece off yourself depending on the
    scale and amount of said 3D purchased piece. Or perhaps you’re too young to
    operate a certain type of machinery or tool. Again assessment of this will be at the
    full discretion of the judges.

Sugoi Pop Con Adult Cosplay Contest Rules & Guidelines

  • Original character designs and concepts are accepted as well! We are also allowing
    mashups and different takes on existing characters. Please be prepared to show the
    judges your reference for all characters not cannon to their original intellectual
  • Your costume and presentation should be suitable for ALL ages. This is a family friendly
  • If you need any assistance, you may have one person to help you.
  • For safety reasons the following isn’t allowed: projectiles of any kind (darts, pellets, or
    even water), aerosol spray, pyrotechnics like fire, bubbles, smoke, or fireworks. No mess
    is to be left on stage after your presentation.
  • No specific audio will be played for a contestant.
  • Please refer to Sugoi Pop Con costume and weapon policy.
  • Live animals are not allowed during the show unless they are a service animal.
  • If you break any equipment or cause any damage to the facility, you will be responsible
    for paying to replace it. Be aware of cords, curtains, screens, etc.
  • ANY Sugoi Pop Con staff, volunteers, celebrities or cosplay guests are prohibited from
    entering the contest.

Entry into the event is at the discretion of the event staff, and we reserve the right to
reject ANY entrant who does not adhere to these rules or whose costume is in violation
of them.

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to email the cosplay coordinator at

We hope to see you at the competition!